Generosity tied to value

I’ve been experimenting with value-pricing in my freelancing work and have had my perceptions of value-based pricing…

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I’m looking for an email archiving solution via BCC

For many industries, having an email archiving solution is mandatory and it can be hard to find a solution that meets…

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How do I start and market my video training business?

A question we recently received was from someone with "35 years experience in media including photography, Photoshop…

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What is the best platform for hosting your online courses and why?

I had this question recently and want to dive a little deeper into it that the standard list post of DIY online course…

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How do I save time when scheduling employees and contractors?

For anyone who has tried to manual schedule staff, you know the headache I can cause when staff want to change shifts,…

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I need to make a map interactive and add pop-up labels to it

This is such a huge need for real estate and insurance professionals, to be able to grab a map and pin content onto the…

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I hate email marketing but want to publish a free newsletter

I feel your pain on this one. Although it's become so much easier to create and send out email newsletters using tools…

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How do I plan out my sales appointments to avoid traffic?

Looking for an easy way to plan out your sales meetings for the week and avoid traffic? One system we set up was…

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Business Dashboard Software For Tracking Sales Commissions Comparison

Looking into sales dashboard software that can connect to various data sources. Some options include: Geckoboard …

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WordPress theme to showcase Youtube videos

Doing some research on Wordpress themes to show case YouTube videos. Need it to be fast-loading but not as busy in…

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What are the best design proofing tools?

We have another look at some design proofing tools. Red Pen is interesting and works with image files to leave…

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Are you looking for better online reviews for your business?

Getting quality reviews is notoriously hard. Getting a large quantity of great reviews is even harder. Most review…

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