Is there an app to track business SaaS subscriptions?

We've done some research into modern ways to track ongoing subscription payments for software and three choices to…

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I need an app for capturing voice recording from my website

This is a useful way of gathering instant feedback from website visitors and gives you the extra depth of insight from…

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Registering a .to domain name

For anyone looking to register a nice, short .to domain name for your social media sharing, it's quite simple to: …

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What is the best software for running a wine club subscription?

It was so interesting looking at all the ways that people try to set up their wine club software for their…

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How do I build a lead matching app with auto-matching of users & providers?

Based on the information you've provided, it looks like you've got two options when looking at pairing up designers…

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What platform is the best to create and sell online courses?

Platforms for creating and selling online courses can be split into three main categories: Online course…

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Why are there so many new online marketplaces popping up?

One reason is because there are more tools available to create online marketplaces. For single-sided marketplaces,…

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As a beekeeper…would you use an online marketplace “for beekeepers” to buy/sell products, exchange information with other beekeepers?

It does sound like using a marketplace would work the best for what you’re looking to do. If you’d said that you…

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How can my marketplace build trust when selling expensive services?

Great question. It can be hard to run a marketplace for expensive items as I feel like people have a threshold for the…

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Can Sharetribe be used to build something similar to Kijiji or as a platform for matchmaking? How can I monetise such a market?

If you're looking to build a classifieds website like Kijiji (Canada) or a marketplace like Gumtree (Australia), you…

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What is the best business to start with the lowest overhead if I don’t have a lot of money and no real skills?

Thanks for the answer request. What you’ve got: Not much money No real skills What you want: To…

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How to manage gift vouchers online?

It's been interesting looking at the systems behind gift cards, gift vouchers and generally sending some kind of credit…

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