Find an unlimited design service team

Hiring a design team can be hard. Whether you’re getting advice from friends, looking on freelancing platforms or doing Google searches, you’ll want to set aside a few hours to get the right designer or team to suit your situation.

Whilst researching for a client, we came across three services that offer unlimited design services for a monthly fee. These services include:

  • Design Pickle – $370 per month or $3,442 per annum
  • Hue – $449 per month or $4,548 per annum (branding, website and app design includes for higher month price)
  • Go Designer Go – $299 per month

How can they offer this?

You’d think that offering “unlimited” design at a fixed price would be impossible but it’s not if you use the right conditions on the service.
Let’s look at the business model, based on the average of the above pricing, $373 per month:

  • Client pays $373 per month for “unlimited” design
  • Terms state that you can add as many design tasks as you like but that they are completed one at a time (with a turnaround time of 1-2 business days + time for revisions). Similar to how Netflix started.
  • Assuming most design tasks average out at 1.5 hours (using templates as much as possible) and assuming an hourly rate for a freelancer is $8 per hour (using cheap labour options), the cost per day is a maximum of $12.
  • Push this daily maximum out to a month and you have a maximum cost of $360, assuming work with no revisions delivered on every day of the week.
  • The way profit margin is baked in is using the assumptions that people won’t have 30 tasks per month, revisions add an extra day and are quick to complete, templates can reduce the design time to under 30 minutes.

We haven’t heard of people testing out these services but they do seem to fill a need in the marketplace for low-cost design options. We look forward to seeing what other services will be be bringing out unlimited services in the future.


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