Helping small businesses build simple, scaleable systems.

If you want to stop putting out fires and start building a calmer business we’re here to help. By creating a simple map of how your business works then setting aside a block of time each week to work on each area of your business, you’ll get the growing, healthy business you want.

Our business advice is based on 5 rules:

  1. As simple as possible – everything clear, simple, understandable, easy to learn
  2. Scaleable – systems today that would work with 5x the number of customers
  3. Has flow – workflows that acknowledge the customer journey and experience
  4. Built for humans – well-designed, human-centred services that suit customers and staff
  5. Kaizen – a culture of incremental, continual weekly improvement, openness to change and aligned incentives

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Latest stories

Microbakery Workflow


There’s an overused quote about building a better mousetrap leading to people knocking down your door that applies to a microbakery in my area. A gravel driveway leads you past building materials to a little green shed, oh, and a long line of people waiting to buy bread & pastries. They make amazing products but by informally speaking to customers, staff and the owner, there are some...

Online Form Builders


Online Form Builder Software As you already know, online forms are the backbone of communication on websites. Whether you’re looking for a simple contact form, a lead generation form, a way to run customer surveys or even a way to accept simple payments, we’ve got the list for you. Top Online Form Creators Typeform – our top pick for creating visual. modern, one-question-at-a...

Super simple yoga website


Question: I’m not a technical person and want to create a simple, minimal website for my yoga business. I don’t need blog posts and I’m not looking to sell products at this stage. What are the best options? I know I need a domain name and something as a web presence for my yoga studio but am unsure about what my options are.   Answer: Thanks for reaching out. As...

Online Whiteboards


Online Digital Whiteboards With the rise in collaborative workspaces and video chat sessions has come the need to be able to collaborate visually through online digital whiteboards. There main benefit over collaborating on documents and presentations is the real-time updates and the ability to work on a blank canvas together as a team. Top picks for online whiteboards Miro – previously...

BPM Software


BPM Software BPM software is used for Business Process Management. More than just checklists, BPM software combines task management and project management, adding in automation, to ensure that your team follows SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) through their critical day-to-day tasks. Top BPM Software Options Process St – Simple workflow software for businesses. Create recurring...

OKR Software


OKR Software Looking to track your company’s Objectives and Key Results? See the software that will help you keep people accountable and on-track. Top OKR Software Profit – Includes OKR Management, Task Management, Employee Engagement and Performance Management in this software that helps you create and monitor objectives and key results with ease. Workfront/Atiim – Powerful and...

Intranet Software


Intranet Software Looking to build an intranet or knowledge base for your company? See these options for modern, user-friendly intranet solutions. Intranet & Knowledge Base Software Communifire – Looking to manage your company’s documents and knowledgebase with an intranet solution? Check out Communifire for an intranet portal that includes doc storage, blogging, wikis, photo sharing...

Document Creation & Automation


Document Creation & Automation Software If you’ve already started automating processes in your business, you’re probably ready to tackle a big one – document creation. You might already have your ecommerce store sending payment receipts & creating picking slips or you might have your accounting package creating invoices automatically but what do you do when you need...

Client Portals


Client Portal Software For some businesses, handling client documents and communication is easier using a client portal. Rather than having 100 email threads going back-and-forth, you give your client access to a client portal login and they can follow prompts to upload docs, download information and keep their details up to date. Client portals are included in some CRM and Project Management...


For the past 10 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of students to help them get a clear picture of how to systemise their business. We’re not fans of spam, cheap mass-marketing tactics or automating your business to within an inch of it’s life. We are fans of a customer experience where humans deal with humans, skills are appreciated, personality is maintained and where clients get more value than they expected. We’re also fans of automating any process that doesn’t deliver client-facing value in a simple, easy-to-maintain way.

In a nutshell, we provide advice, implementation support & training to small to medium, service-based businesses to help them deliver a better customer experience & a more automated workflow. Everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction with a clear picture of who does what.