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Software for packaging your services as a product


Packaging services as a product Many of my clients have been offering professional services to clients and want to also offer products to their clients. Instead of trading time for money and charging per-hour, they want to package their services as a product and sell to more people. In this article, we’ll look at the software options you have for turning your service into a packaged product...

Creating A NameCheap Domain Name Parking Page


Create your own Namecheap Domain Name Parking Page So, you’ve got too many domain names registered through Namecheap and you’re looking to start selling them. You want to have them listed for sale but would love to have someone looking for your domain name be able to type in your domain name and get redirected to a Namecheap Marketplace parking page so they can make a purchase...

Whiteboard Software


Online Digital Whiteboards With the rise in collaborative workspaces and video chat sessions has come the need to be able to collaborate visually through online digital whiteboards. There main benefit over collaborating on documents and presentations is the real-time updates and the ability to work on a blank canvas together as a team. Top picks for online whiteboards Miro – previously...

SOP Software


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) For a business to move from startup phase to small business phase they need a set of repeatable processes to create some operations that are standard. These are the tools to make this happen from speeding up the creating of SOPs to the way that your team uses SOPs. SOP Creation Software Scribe – step-by-step guides for any process, created automatically...

Scheduling Software


๐Ÿ“… Client Scheduling Apps Timely – great for salons & businesses with ongoing retail appointments. Acuity Scheduling – our top pick for scaleable appointment scheduling tool with booking calendar. Cost-effective for teams. Bookstream – a simple alternative to Setmore for booking client appointments SavvyCal – modern, simple scheduling app with all the basic features and...

Design Proofing Software


What are the best design proofing tools? We have another look at the best design proofing software. Red Pen is interesting and works with image files to leave simple annotations. Only downside is the per-project payment method that might not suit some clients. Also managing a large amount of files can be confusing. Punchlist is a new, free design proofing app and is a delight to use. Upgrade to...

Portal Software


For some businesses, handling client documents and communication is easier using a client portal. Rather than having 100 email threads going back-and-forth, you give your client access to a client portal login and they can follow prompts to upload docs, download information and keep their details up to date. Client portals are included in some CRM and Project Management software programs and are...

Online Form Software


As you already know, online forms are the backbone of communication on websites. Whether you’re looking for a simple contact form, a lead generation form, a way to run customer surveys or even a way to accept simple payments, we’ve got the list for you. Top Online Form Creators Typeform – our top pick for creating visual. modern, one-question-at-a-time conversational forms for...

OKR Software


Looking to track your company’s Objectives and Key Results? See the software that will help you keep people accountable and on-track. Top OKR Software Profit – Includes OKR Management, Task Management, Employee Engagement and Performance Management in this software that helps you create and monitor objectives and key results with ease. Workfront/Atiim – Powerful and simple...