An amazing program that connects your network with the support they need

If you’re part of a network of people who are time-poor and idea-rich, you’re the perfect partner to our business.

Through our affiliate program, you’ll earn a % of the package value from people who you refer to our site.

Rates are:

  • 10% for the first 10 referrals
  • 20% for all ongoing referrals

How Does It Work?

Affiliate programs are relatively straightforward, and the Generous Work Affiliate Program is no exception:

  1. Submit your application for the Generous Work affiliate program below
  2. Receive your custom affiliate link.
  3. Promote Builder. You can, for example, write about Generous Work in a blog post and direct users to Generous Work using your affiliate link.
  4. Profit! When a person who have clicked your affiliate link purchased a package, you get a commission. Payments are made using PayPal at the end of the following month.

Is there something else I should know?

Below are the key details of the Generous Work Affiliate Program:

  1. A customer signup is counted as a referral if the customer signs up for a package within 60 days of clicking your affiliate referral link and uses the same browser (cookie).
  2. Commission is paid based on the package price. Commission is not paid for cancelled or refunded payments.
  3. Commissions are paid via PayPal. A valid PayPal account is required for the program.
  4. Payments are made on the month following the sale.