As a beekeeper…would you use an online marketplace “for beekeepers” to buy/sell products, exchange information with other beekeepers?


It does sound like using a marketplace would work the best for what you’re looking to do.

If you’d said that you just wanted somewhere for beekeepers to exchange information then you could have looked at using the free Mighty Networks group or setting up a Facebook group.

As you’re looking to create a place where people can buy or sell, I’d look into either using WordPress with a marketplace theme or setting up a Sharetribe marketplace.

Using WordPress, you’d be looking to use the ecommerce features so that multiple beekeepers can sell to others whilst creating a forum/community so they could exchange information. I really like Discourse for forums so that could also be an option.

Using Sharetribe, I’d look to set up categories in the following way:

  • Honey Sales
  • Honey Products
  • Honey Information

You could change around the titles but this would split out the products to make it easy for people to view. Beekeepers could list their honey & other products for sale and could also add information as a type of “blog post”. Set up this section without the price setting and it will be treated differently.

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