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Question: I am looking for advice on how to setup Asana for a content creation company. There are two different focuses of the company – we will make make different kinds of content (films, podcasts, social media, etc) and then actively sell this content to brands. I’m a bit confused as to what is a team or a project or a task or sub-task.

If we have a client that has three “projects”, is each one a project? Or is the client the project and the three projects are tasks?

If we have ideas for future projects – are they tasks within a project called “Scripted Ideas”.

Appreciate any guidance you can give on this.


Answer: Finding the right way to translate your business needs into the philosophy of any project management tool is half the battle.
Within Asana, you have the following broad levels:

  • Your company account
  • Teams under that account
  • Projects run under those teams (you can set up task templates to use for new projects)
  • Tasks run inside those projects
  • Sub tasks (optional) under those tasks
  • Comments on tasks & subtasks

My recommendation would be to have the content creation as individual projects and perhaps use templates for your films, podcasts, social media etc where a specific set of tasks, assigned to specific people, can be used for each new project. This would work well in either Asana’s list view for a to-do list style checklist or in Kanban view, moving through stages of completion.

As for selling your content to other brands, this would work well in Kanban view with each sales pipeline stage being a stage in your sales process. It’s not as feature-rich as a tool like Pipedrive but will suit you if you’re a small to mid-sized company.

For higher level structure, I’d recommend having Teams set up for management, service delivery and our team. Management would be for conversations around running the business, service delivery for client work and our team for your team to discuss their work, add ideas, store files etc.

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