Asana structure for my digital agency


I’m currently on an Asana trial and would like to know how to structure of digital agency’s workflow:

  • Client (system some clients have multiple systems which can be separated)
  • Project/Request under client
  • Definition
  • Development
  • Test/review (approve go to regression test- fail go back to Development)
  • CI/CD release to QA
  • Regression test QA (approve go to client approval- fail go back to Development)
  • Client Approval (approve go to production- fail go back to Development)
  • Production Release schedule
  • Production Release Implementation Track code changes for the Project/Request Time related to each item under the Project/Request



Answer: I’d split out your service types (web development, app development etc) as Teams and then add new projects for clients within those teams using reusable templates. You could choose to either allow clients to access the whole project or you could run two project spaces in Asana per project, one for staff only and one for staff + clients. The staff + clients could include some onboarding instructions for clients and include areas where progress demos are shown. For labeling, I’d look at using ABC Project (staff), ABC Project (client).

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