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Additional details of question: I run a volume photography business, and I need a piece of software that will let me automate workflow. I need to start entries with a form, and take them through an editing, and then a QA workflow which requires I update the database through additional forms. I’d also like to be able to run reports such as invoices.



Answer: You have a few options when it comes to automating your workflow but my recommendation would be using one piece of software to handle the workflow tracking and another piece of software for handling the invoicing.

One workflow plan would be to have:

  • Pipedrive as your workflow tracker. You would use Pipedrive’s form feature to receive the information from your client and this information would flow through to the first stage of your workflow pipeline. If you require uploading of attachments, you could also look at using Typeform connected to Pipedrive using Zapier or through the email-in functionality. If the attachment size limitations on Typeform don’t suit your workflow needs, I’d look to have the initial webform using Pipedrive Forms or Typeform and then, after form submission, directing your client to a file upload page like Dropbox File Request or others.
  • I would also use Pipedrive’s workflow automation feature to trigger activities for staff and emails to clients throughout the various stages of the process. You could also use these forms for your QA process where the responses are collected in a QA pipeline or stage.
  • For document proofing, I’d look at using a tool like FileStage so you can edit your photos in a client album and then send to the client to mark up adjustments and mark as approved. Using a tool like this will speed up your workflow and make it easier for your client. If you find the cost of FileStage prohibitive, you could continue to use Dropbox and their relatively-new file proofing feature.
  • For reports, you’ll be able to run reports in Pipedrive and can use Pipedrive’s marketplace integrations to connect your client’s deal details to Xero and other invoicing tools.

As a secondary workflow plan, you could:

  • Use Paymo as your client project manager and invoicing tool.
  • Use Filestage for emailing directly to client during process.

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