Basecamp for Digital Media Remote Agency?


Further Details: We are a boutique digital media (fully remote) agency looking for help with knowing if Basecamp3 is the best choice for our digital media agency.
We’ve switched from Asana to Trello to Basecamp and are lacking recurring features (which is driving us crazy) as well as quick templates for completing tasks. We’re tired of switching software and really need a recurring checklist feature in our project management software so we can create a new tasklist and have the recurring tasks started at set times in the future. We’d love your help!


Answer: It sounds like your close to finding the right solution to your ongoing checklist needs for your digital agency. Asana does have reusable templates but some people find them quite limited for use as a recurring checklist. Trello has a very simple tasklist feature but it doesn’t allow for detailed information or comments on the tasks. Basecamp does have a to-do list feature but it sounds like recurring tasks is the main thing you need.

I’d recommend that you look into using Teamwork‘s recurring list feature as it allows for you to create ongoing tasks within a project rather than having the list as the entire template (like in Asana). You could create repeating tasklists for the various services of your digital agency like brand strategy, website development & social media management.

Alternatively, if you’d like to add in the ability to contact clients through the process, you could look at setting up a sales pipeline using Pipedrive and also setting up pipelines for service delivery (to ensure you can customised tailored email updates per type of service). Customer orders would move from left to right through production with client emails generated when moving to a new stage.

A final option would be to use a Business Process Management software system like Process St that would house the recurring checklists and would also allow client emails to be triggered when production stages are completed. These checklists can be run over-and-over and can be tracked through business-wide reporting.

I hope this helps.

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