Illustration Kits, Builders & Bundles


Illustration Kits If you’re looking to add illustrations to your website or business marketing materials, you’ve got the option of hiring a local designer, looking on a freelancing website or creating your own illustrations from scratch using illustration software. Another option that is becoming popular is to use simple design software like Canva (using their Pro plan so you can...

Best Calendar & Scheduling Software in 2020


Calendars & Scheduling Apps 📚 Contents📅 Client Scheduling Apps🤼 Team Scheduling Apps🚗 Service Scheduling Apps 📅 Client Scheduling Apps Timely – great for salons & businesses with ongoing retail appointments. Acuity Scheduling – our top pick for scaleable appointment scheduling tool with booking calendar. Cost-effective for teams. Bookstream – a simple alternative to...

Screensharing Help


Question: Does this exist? Looking for software to record my powerpoint presentation along with my video for an online course. I would like to have the option of video only, slides only, or both. I also would really like to be able to read my notes/script on my computer screen at the same time without that being recorded on the published video. Lastly, I don’t want to have to use a million...

Marketing Automation Expert


Question: We need a Marketing Automation Expert to build a sales automation while deals are open. For our agency, we are looking for a marketing automation expert that can create automation based on our sales pipeline. The deals that are open, should get a sequence of emails to increase the closing rate of the sales team. How do we set this up in marketing automation software to increase sales...

Automating ActiveCampaign & Pipedrive


Question: I really need help with Active Campaign to: 1. Set up properly from start 2. Set up all the appropriate tags and fields 3. Set up automations 4. Provide training of how to use going forward I also need advice on how to best use the Pipedrive account that we have set up and put in place automations. What would you recommend? Answer: What did we recommend? Get in contact to discuss our...

Training & consulting business development process


Question: I need help with developing detailed business processes for business development from lead generation to closing a sale. We are now using Zoho CRM and there is great potential for automation. I need someone to help map out all processes based on key activities and then we will identify processes that can be automated. We are in the training and consulting business. What systems and...

How to improve a marketing, sales and onboarding process


Question: We have a well-defined marketing, sales and onboarding process that currently relies on several tools, which are currently not integrated with one another (as we are unsure how to set these up). We are looking for someone to help us create workflow automation across several tool to reduce the number of times we have to switch between systems and manual trigger events or update contacts...

Running a mobile mechanic business


Question: We run a mobile mechanic business and are looking to hire a VA to help but we need to know the best way to ensure all the processes are automated. We need checklists and SOPs to ensure the work is done correctly. Our current processes are: 1. CRM Data Entry: – Maintain customer profile and ensure address and information is clean and accurate. – Schedule jobs as per customers...

Building a real estate portal


Question: We want to build a real estate website portal for property developers to manage the sale process of the listing. We need help with the best way to build this and then manage the processes. Audience – 2 types of users – Property developers – who uploads projects and manage listing. – Real estate agencies – to access property information that property...


For the past 10 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of students to help them get a clear picture of how to systemise their business. We’re not fans of spam, cheap mass-marketing tactics or automating your business to within an inch of it’s life. We are fans of a customer experience where humans deal with humans, skills are appreciated, personality is maintained and where clients get more value than they expected. We’re also fans of automating any process that doesn’t deliver client-facing value in a simple, easy-to-maintain way.

In a nutshell, we provide advice, implementation support & training to small to medium, service-based businesses to help them deliver a better customer experience & a more automated workflow. Everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction with a clear picture of who does what.