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Question: We want to build a real estate website portal for property developers to manage the sale process of the listing. We need help with the best way to build this and then manage the processes.
Audience – 2 types of users
– Property developers – who uploads projects and manage listing.
– Real estate agencies – to access property information that property developer uploaded. Agencies will NOT be uploading properties.
Any property developer can sign up and upload their properties and have the option to choose from below:
1. Put their property Public to be on the market place. – all property information is open to public. Including brochure to download price list.
2. Put their property Private on the market place. Only project name and developer details will be visible. A real estate agency will need to request permission from property developer to get access to further information such as brochures and price list.

We need the dashboard to allow for:
Subunits – Ability to add subunits in a project.
Contacts management and link contacts to a property – Ability to create a contact and assign the contact as a potential purchaser to a property. Contact info include, name, number, email, address, solicitor contacts, Foreign purchaser or not.
Sales & Changes Management – Ability to update property sales status. – Available, Reserved, Under Contract, Sold, Settled. Ability to link a contacts (purchaser) to the property. Ability to record any purchaser requested changes to their property.
Multi-Agent Management – If the project is listed as Private. Then the Property developer have the ability grant access or assign to 1 or more agencies who can access the property information. The agencies will now be able to view the property information on the market place when they click on the property.

What are your recommendations?

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