Business Assets


From the book, 24 Assets by Daniel Priestley

Broadly speaking, people want to buy companies that have a good mixture of assets in seven categories:

Intellectual property

The business lays claim to, or is known for, valuable ideas, methods or defensible intellectual property rights.

Brand assets

The business is known, liked and trusted by a loyal group of fans who are unlikely to switch to a new brand.

Market assets

The business can sell products, disseminate ideas or be present to a large group of potential buyers faster and more cheaply than others in the same market.

Product assets

The business has created unique products and services that are either difficult to replicate or difficult to compete with.

Systems assets

The business has a set of systems and processes that allow it to run more efficiently than its rivals while still delivering the same or better quality.

Culture assets

The business is able to attract, retain, develop and manage good people at a lower cost than its competitors.

Funding assets

The business is able to raise capital or borrow money on better terms than its competitors.


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