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Can Sharetribe be used to build something similar to Kijiji or as a platform for matchmaking? How can I monetise such a market?


If you’re looking to build a classifieds website like Kijiji (Canada) or a marketplace like Gumtree (Australia), you could potentially use Sharetribe to build it but you will come up against some limitations in managing listings.

Sharetribe is built more for, what I’ll call, persistent or permanent listings. These are marketplace listings where you list your product once and when it sells, the listing remains. This works really well for marketplaces like Airbnb or houseboat rentals or tours or anything where you don’t want to re-list the item each time it sells. It also works really well to have a single URL for a specific product or service so you can share that URL and not need to change it all the time. Sharetribe is definitely better for rental-type marketplaces.

If you’re looking for an easy way to build a low-cost classifieds website, I’d have to recommend installing WordPress on discount marketplace hosting (you can always switch it to more powerful marketplace hosting later) and then installing a theme that suits this type of marketplace.

What’s the best theme for building a marketplace or classifieds, you ask?

I’d recommend that you check out:

If you don’t want the hassle of hosting the theme or software yourself and would prefer a hosted classified software solution, you could check out:

As for your matchmaking website, you could look to create an open dating social network and perhaps look at having a pay-per-month option using a tool like MightyNetworks but, if you’re looking for a simple dating site builder, go for WordPress and check out the top dating website themes below:

Now for monetisation. Sharetribe works on a commission-model but you can set it up as a hosted membership website. Most WordPress themes take the easy way of having a pay-per-listing model whilst some of the other options mentioned above allow for commissions or a pay-per-month model.

I hope this helps.

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