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10 innovative ideas for a health food store


I love health food stores and especially the ones where you feel less like you’re on the outside and more like you’re part of the family. In doing some innovation work for a health food store, let’s have a look at ways to experiment with their business model. Ideas include: Starting a paid membership program so members can access continually discounted items. The ongoing cost...

Business Assets


From the book, 24 Assets by Daniel Priestley Broadly speaking, people want to buy companies that have a good mixture of assets in seven categories: Intellectual property The business lays claim to, or is known for, valuable ideas, methods or defensible intellectual property rights. Brand assets The business is known, liked and trusted by a loyal group of fans who are unlikely to switch to a new...

Fundamentals: Next Action Step


David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, coined the term to describe one of the core steps of his β€œfundamental process”: Write down a project or situation that is most on your mind at this moment. Now describe in a single written sentence your intended desired outcome for this problem or situation. What needs to happen to mark this β€œdone”? Next, write down the very next physical action...

Perspective: Above & slightly to the left


There’s ol’ school advice to move towards working β€œon” your business rather than working β€œin” your business. It is true but it often met by the thousand reasons why there will never be enough time in the world to move away from doing your boatload of daily tasks. For any hope at moving towards, perhaps, spending an entire day per week doing nothing β€œin” your business you’ll need a shift in...


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