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How to be Everywhere – 13 Content Promotion Channels in 13 minutes


If you’re producing unique, useful content on your business website, you want as many people in your industry seeing the content as possible. How do you do this in an automated way? We’ll show you how to post to 13 channels in 13 minutes (might be a little longer for your first one!). 1st Step: Develop a workflow In your favourite software for creating reusable checklists (like...

How do I build a lead matching app with auto-matching of users & providers?


Based on the information you’ve provided, it looks like you’ve got two options when looking at pairing up designers with clients wanting design services through a lead matching app. You mentioned that you’d like to sort the applicants by proximity to their designer so you may want to use a lead matching directory feature like what Brilliant Directory offers. This could be set up...

I’m looking for an email archiving solution via BCC


For many industries, having an email archiving solution is mandatory and it can be hard to find a solution that meets the specific archiving needs of the business. The main considerations when choosing an email backup or archive for your business is the secure of the storage, the process to store, the cost of the solution, the format for retrieval and the structure of the database. If...

Business Dashboard Software For Tracking Sales Commissions Comparison


Looking into sales dashboard software that can connect to various data sources. Some options include: Geckoboard Klipfolio Blitzrocks Plecto Comparing a wide range of sales dashboard options showed me that it’s hard to find a simple software program that isn’t enterprise in pricing or look, that has the basic features + a few extra bells & whistles. I was looking to create a...

WordPress theme to showcase Youtube videos


Doing some research on WordPress themes to show case YouTube videos. Need it to be fast-loading but not as busy in design as some newspaper/magazine-style WordPress themes. My picks in order are: Vlog – Video Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme VideoBox – VideoBox is the perfect solution for showing off video content, impressively. Highly customizable and with a wide support for popular...


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