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Build a social network

We had a client who was looking for a way to build a… 

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Set up payment plans

We've worked with several clients to create payment plans,… 

  • 21
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Automate documents

We were asked by a client if it was possible to have the… 

  • 23
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“Copy” a website

We were asked by a client to "copy" the style of a website… 

  • 23
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Build a client portal

We had a request for a client portal where clients could… 

  • 18
  • 0

Look at every client touchpoint

Clients are looking to gather information in a logical… 

  • 20
  • 0

Created an intranet for a cafรฉ chain

We helped a group of cafes by designing a Sharepoint… 

  • 55
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Reduced key person risk

Most businesses have a key staff members who is the font of… 

  • 94
  • 0

No need to replace a staff member

Working with a high-performing client, we were able to… 

  • 87
  • 0

More efficient client appointments

You want to be available for your clients but you don't… 

  • 89
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Reduce email inbox overload

With some clients having inboxes with 500+ emails unread to… 

  • 103
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