Creating A NameCheap Domain Name Parking Page


Create your own Namecheap Domain Name Parking Page

So, you’ve got too many domain names registered through Namecheap and you’re looking to start selling them. You want to have them listed for sale but would love to have someone looking for your domain name be able to type in your domain name and get redirected to a Namecheap Marketplace parking page so they can make a purchase.

Selling your domain through Namecheap

At the moment, the process for selling domain names through Namecheap is:

Click on the name of the website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Select “Sell Domain”

Add in your listing price, your listing period (max is up to 90 days on most domain names), select the option that it isn’t an adult listing, choose to get an email notification on sale and then click Sell Domain.

The problem now is that the only people who can see your domain name are people searching on Namecheap Marketplace. If you’re not using the domain name, the best option would be if someone typed in your domain name and, instead of getting an error page or parking page, they went directly to a Namecheap domain parking page where they could buy your domain name directly. Let’s look at how you could do this.

Create your Namecheap Seller Page

The first step, after clicking on the Sell Domain button above, is to wait a few hours for your listing to appear in the Namecheap Marketplace listings. This isn’t instant so you might have to wait a while.

After a few hours, visit the Buy Now section of the Namecheap domain Marketplace. To find your domain name, you’ll need to use their Search area and type in the start of your domain name. Click on your highlighted domain name and you’ll get taken to a page like this:

It is this domain name parking page that you will want to copy the URL so you can use it in a minute.

Next, go back to your Namecheap account dashboard, click on Domain List and select your domain. You’re looking for the “Redirect Domain” section. Ensure this is empty and looks like this:

Click on the “Add Wildcard Redirect” and paste the URL you saved above. Then click the green tick icon.

You’re all done! Give it a few hours for the name changes to propagate to your account and then, when people type in your domain name, they will redirect to your Namecheap domain name seller parking page.

Bonus Points

If you’re a Namecheap affiliate through Impact, you can create a deep link to your domain name selling page as your redirect. If someone ends up buying a Namecheap product through this link (perhaps hosting to go with their domain), you get a percentage of the sale.

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