CRM to manage client acquisition and fulfilment


More details: I am looking for a custom CRM tool/app/software that will enable me to manage information from client acquisition to job fulfillment.

A description of what I am looking for
1. log into a portal by requesting entry and receiving text with a login code.
2. once in the portal being able to select between different entry points.
3. once in the area your working in, being able to create new customer. enter all the necessary data including contact information and schedule customer
4. with a link to zillow ( a Real Estate site) that will populate the pertinent information about the house into the proper fields
5. Once customer is scheduled, be able to upload photos and documents pertinent to that customer
5. Generate a contract from the information entered, have that contract sent to the customers email and be able to he hellosign the document.


Answer: The majority of your requirements for a CRM can be met by the top CRM software platforms but I’d recommend that you check this Zillow integration page to see the platforms that can pull in Zillow data. Linking to a document automation platform, like PandaDoc, through your CRM will enable a contract to be created automatically when your deal gets to a certain stage and have this document get signed.

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