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What are the best design proofing tools? We have another look at the best design proofing software.

  • Red Pen is interesting and works with image files to leave simple annotations. Only downside is the per-project payment method that might not suit some clients. Also managing a large amount of files can be confusing.
  • Punchlist is a new, free design proofing app and is a delight to use. Upgrade to their $49 per month plan for password protection and integrations.
  • Tweakr is super simple & fast for sharing images and getting feedback.
  • PageProof has a nice design but is a little more complex to use as it incorporates workflows into the proofing process, these can be set up beforehand and use on future projects. Pageproof video tutorial found here. Has recently had some major updates and is now super quick. Use the coupon code 321GO (no affiliation) for a discount on your trial.
  • Cage App looks fantastic and works well for larger lists of projects. Only downside was the guest sign-in experience which is too long and a little confusing.
  • Mural for the sticky note design proofing people who came from sticking Post It Notes on pdf proofs.
  • GoVisually has a clean interface, supports a range of file types, has the ability to check off edits and requires client sign-in. Monthly billing for a team is $US62 per month for up to 10 team members.
  • GoProof allows you to proof images, designs, videos & GIFs from Adobe tools but has a more dated interface & has hidden pricing on their website.
  • Looking for self-hosted design proofing software – see also Project Huddle for a once-off purchase for $80
  • A little old school in the design but File Camp could be something for those seeking simplicity whilst proofing on a custom subdomain
  • Looks interesting, File Stage seems to have everything but also has one of the highest price tags for a design proofing tool. One to check out if you have the budget.
  • Notable is more geared towards website design proofing but could be adapted to suit.
  • Prevue looks like a clean and simple tool for fast design proofing but the UI is a little confusing and there is too much clicking to get through the design proofing stages + no approval process included.
  • Ashore is the lowest-cost of the selection and even includes a free proofing tool plan. The interface is sparse but will be handy for people looking out for a budget option.
  • Wipster is a video proofing tool that includes commenting on frames, version history and work-in-progress stages. For solos, you could use the $8.25pm plan but team will want to $45 per month Business Plan.
  • Dropbox now offers an image & PDF annotation tool that is incorporated into all their plans, including their free plan.
  • is a beautiful, modern video workflow platform with a generous free plan and paid plans starting at $15 per user per month (includes 4K Ultra HD editing and custom-branding for client design approvals)
  • Screenlight offers a free starter plan for a single video editor whilst their $9 per user plan removes Screenlight branding and allows for unlimited design proofing projects and reviewers
  • CloudApp offers a video & image annotation tool on their freemium plan. Start for $0 per month or invite teammates for $9 per user per month.

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