Developing a Virtual Hub for a School


Question: I am looking to create a virtual hub for a university but need advice on what platforms to use. It would be a digital platform that builds familiarity with the both the spatial and experiential aspects of attending the university, that takes students on a journey while being intuitive, accessible and engaging.

Here are some examples for styles:
We like the linear route approach taken in this tour and we like how it has predetermined routes to accommodate for different student journeys.
We like the themes addressed in the menu. The idea of integrating virtual 360° footage, videos, pictures.
The video content here emulates a physical campus tour with a student ambassador. We would like to support our virtual open day with similar videos.

The Hub will be accessible 24/7 and allow prospects to tour the campus, gain key information from areas such as admissions, finance and student support, and engage course focused content. It will also allow for events, online presentation and chats, to take place throughout the year. We would like to increase applications and enrollment. Thus, success will be measured via traffic to the platform, time-spent on pages, and referrals to other webpages.

What software and processes would you suggest we use/follow for this project?


Answer: The client asked for this to be answered privately. If you’ve got a similar question and need paid advice, get in touch.

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