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If you’re looking to add illustrations to your website or business marketing materials, you’ve got the option of hiring a local designer, looking on a freelancing website or creating your own illustrations from scratch using illustration software.

Another option that is becoming popular is to use simple design software like Canva (using their Pro plan so you can remove image backgrounds and save as .png files), Sketch or Figma to create your own business graphics using illustration libraries.

๐Ÿ–ฅ Illustration Builder Software

  • ITG – a library of illustrations that you can combine to create business graphics
  • Shape – software to create cheap illustrations for your business and freelancing needs. The illustration maker is simple to use and can easily adjust illustrations to your brand colours
  • Vector Creator – created by Icons8, you can trial this software for free to create different styles of illustrations, arrange elements, add your own SVG, PNG or JPG then export the final image to PNG or SVG. Pro features available for $19.90 per month.
  • Wrrooom – a simple illustration constructor for Figma & Sketch. Yearly access for $99.
  • DesignsAI – a free illustration builder with duotone cartoons, flat circle scenes, geometric sets, flat outline sets, flat vector sets, isometric designs, line shadow illustrations and (super useful) SVG country maps that can be customised.
  • Stubborn Generator – character design just got easy with this illustration maker from Craftworks. Available in free and paid versions ($38).
  • Artify – create your own illustrations and icons using the Artify editor for $129 (lifetime access).
  • BigHeads – randomly-generated big-head characters that you can edit in your browser.
  • Smash – illustration designer from Craftworks. Included with their $89 per quarter subscription.
  • Sapiens – use this character builder to create fast illustrations for your next project.
  • Excalidraw – simple, free DIY drawing tool to create your own illustrations. No sign-up required.


๐Ÿ“š Illustration Libraries

  • GetIllustrations – this is colossal! 4,000+ gorgeous illustrations for a single price of $195. You can get some for free but this bundle is epic!!
  • Drawer – find static and animated illustrations to use on your business website. Come as Lottie files but can be downloaded as SVG & even as PNG to use in your Canva images
  • Outlane – a huge collection of colour illustration packs to use on your marketing material. Illustration packs range in price from $29 to $69 and include animated SVG Vector icons
  • Craftwork – absolutely beautiful illustrations & templates that are our #1 choice for the best illustrations. Pricing is $89 per quarter and is great value if you’re creating illustration images each week at work.
  • Blush – huge range of illustration styles available in high resolution for $12 per month. Customisable colours and elements.
  • Dimensions – download technical line drawings and illustrations for use in your next project for $59.99 per year or $5.99 per month.
  • Illustratious – free solid faceless illustrations with premium illustrations also available.
  • Freebie Supply – a random assortment of illustrations that might suit your next project – you might get lucky and find the perfect illustration!
  • Interfacer – another random selection of illustrations that have a slight chance of being perfect for your next project. They’re all free and fine to use with attribution on commercial projects.
  • DesignSpace – buy illustration bundles from this illustration marketplace. Prices start at $16 per set.
  • UI8 – 760+ vector illustrations in modern styles. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find what you want here. Prices range from $9 to $68 as a once-off cost.
  • Isometric Love – find cute isometric designs for your next project.
  • Iconscout – download 10 illustrations per month for $149 per year.
  • Scribbbles – grab this huge collection of scribble illustrations for $4!
  • Growwwkit – hundreds of illustrations in this scene library for one-time price of $84.
  • Abstrakt – if you want unique, quirky illustrations, check out this freemium collection where you can download some for free and all for around $23 per month.
  • Absurd Design – grab 15 illustrations for free or pay $57 per quarter to access the whole library of abstract line drawings
  • PixelTrue – order an illustration bundle for $38 and grab the whole library for $109.
  • Streamline UX – offers free PNG illustrations with an upgrade to grab vector downloads (all 19,500 of them!). Styles include multicolour, duotone and line style.
  • Storytale – a varied mix of over 2,000 illustrations with premium access for $28 per month.
  • Black Illustrations – with a focus on illustrations of black people, this site offers free and paid illustration packs.
  • LS – access illustrations, mock-ups and icons for $99 per year.
  • OhMyStartup – 40 stylish line drawings with colour for your startup
  • Whoooa – buy 138 vector illustrations for a $49 lifetime license fee. Use in Figma or in Sketch.


๐Ÿชย Stock Illustrations

  • PNGTree – an illustration / background stock library with plenty of free options.
  • Shutterstock – largest range of paid illustration libraries to view, download and use in your business marketing materials.
  • Dreamstime – another stock image library with a zillion illustrations.
  • GettyImages – around 6,000+ icons and illustrations with advanced search.
  • Stories by Freepik – customise illustration scenes for your next project.
  • MixKit – a small collection of free stock art.


๐Ÿค‘ Free Illustrations To Download

  • Illustrations Co – offers over 100 free, open source illustrations for you to use
  • Icons8 – a huge collection fo free PNG and SVG illustrations from top Dribbble artists
  • Ouch – free PNG and SVG illustrations for your next business project
  • Freellustrations – free illustration background for your presentations, websites or business marketing assets
  • Open Doodles – 32 beautiful illustrations that you can adjust (main line drawing, accent colours and illustration backgrounds) to suit your brand colours.
  • Glaze – the ultimate royalty-free illustration library with options for drawings of people, backgrounds, business & commerce, teamwork, places, technology, travel and more.
  • Blush – free medium resolution illustrations
  • Drawkit – free weekly illustrations for you to download
  • DesignsAI – a free illustration builder with duotone cartoons, flat circle scenes, geometric sets, flat outline sets, flat vector sets, isometric designs, line shadow illustrations and (super useful) SVG country maps that can be customised.
  • Karthik Srinivas – completely free illustrations. Beautiful line drawings mixed with vibrant colour. Recommended!
  • Bottts – completely free robot illustrations for use in Sketch. Mix and match elements to create your perfect robot illustration.
  • Manypixels – free illustrations for commercial and non-commercial use. Styles include monochromatic, isometric, two-colour, flatline and outline.
  • Fresh Folk – beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations for commercial and non-commercial use, created by Leni Kauffman.
  • Delesign – business and industry-specific illustrations for your next Powerpoint presentation or to use as marketing materials.
  • Retroooo Folks – download this library of DIY illustrations, ready for you to edit in Sketch.
  • StreamlineIcons Lab – beautiful line drawings for your next business project.
  • Figma Store – 21 free illustrations to download and use in Figma.
  • SketchValley – free hand-drawn vector illustration resources
  • Storytale – a free collection from this premium illustration collection.
  • Open Peeps – hand-drawn illustrations for use with Figam, Sketch or even download as png files to edit in Canva
  • Lukasz Adam – free, open source SVG illustrations for commercial projects.
  • Free Illustrations – over 100 free illustrations in AI, EPS, Figma, GIF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PSD, Sketch, Studio, SVG and XD formats. Edit the drawings for a single payment of $48.
  • Humaaans – free, mix & match illustrations of people with a design library
  • Illlustrations – 120 free, basic, open-source illustrations
  • Marker Illustrations – a micro collection of free, colour marker illustrations
  • unDraw – open-source illustrations to click and download. Edit the primary colour to fit your brand.


๐Ÿง” 3D Avatar Images

  • Avatarz – offers over 8,000 3D avatars that are easily customised using a simple avatar customiser (great for staff/team website pages). Access all for $49.
  • Handz – a 3D illustration library of hand gestures, available as pay-what-you-want.
  • Toy Faces – a diverse library of 3D avatars for your design mockups. Get all 120 avatars for $10.
  • Avataaars Generator – create your flat avatar for free using this browser-based avatar maker app.
  • SuperScene – part of the Craftworks package for $89 per quarter.
  • Humans – available as a set of 80 3D avatar elements for a one-time fee of $48.

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