We’ve outgrown Gmail and Outlook

In Short: Email processing can eat up the most valuable and energetic part of your day. Enhance your process or upgrade your system to empower your company’s growth.

Gmail or Outlook got your company to where it is but your inbox is busting at the seams. Most of your employees spend the best hours of their morning responding to email, starting group emails, forwarding emails to each other and trying to find the latest version of that file to attach to their email. Short-term fixes are using more advanced Gmail or Outlook features and moving more conversations out of email & across to other communication channels.

Thinking longer-term, you’re going to need a simple help desk solution that is set up for personal and group inboxes, you’ll need a set of saved replies to speed up responses, you’ll need a FAQs section or a knowledge base for clients (& SEO), you’ll need reporting and a way to share the email load and you’ll need to be able to jump into other software while you’re reading someone’s email. Email can be the silent killer in a business unless you get organised, stay simple and use the right tools for the size company you’ve become.