Google Inbox Alternatives


With the closure of Google Inbox, you’ve got a few options to consider as replacements:

  • Gmail – the most obvious replacement
  • Help Scout – simple email helpdesk for solo or team
  • Front – email + socials + team
  • Spark – email + team features
  • Consider – minimalist email client
  • Superhuman – fast email (invite only for now)
  • June – a little AI with your email

Some of the main considerations for choosing email providers are:

  • Design & usability
  • Transferring current data
  • Transitioning across to a new system
  • Training costs
  • What features you need
  • Costs

Some features that you might need but don’t have:

  • The ability to see client contact details alongside emails
  • Reporting on response times
  • Customer satisfaction surveys built in
  • Customer review requests built in
  • Email signatures
  • Workflows so that emails from specific people can be routed, tagged, forwarded or auto-responded to
  • Integration with other apps to add to email marketing lists, see customer lifetime value from accounting software etc

If you’re looking for advice on the best option for your business, get in touch with one of our Systems Advisers.

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