Helping small businesses build simple, scaleable systems.

If you want to stop putting out fires and start building a calmer business we’re here to help. By creating a simple map of how your business works then setting aside a block of time each week to work on each area of your business, you’ll get the growing, healthy business you want.

Our business advice is based on 5 rules:

  1. As simple as possible – everything clear, simple, understandable, easy to learn
  2. Scaleable – systems today that would work with 5x the number of customers
  3. Has flow – workflows that acknowledge the customer journey and experience
  4. Built for humans – well-designed, human-centred services that suit customers and staff
  5. Kaizen – a culture of incremental, continual weekly improvement, openness to change and aligned incentives

Get in contact if you’d like to speak to a workflow coach about improving your business.