How do I build a lead matching app with auto-matching of users & providers?


Based on the information you’ve provided, it looks like you’ve got two options when looking at pairing up designers with clients wanting design services through a lead matching app.

You mentioned that you’d like to sort the applicants by proximity to their designer so you may want to use a lead matching directory feature like what Brilliant Directory offers. This could be set up to be automated or set up to be verified by you on the way through.

If you’re looking for a more curated way of pairing providers with end-users, you could look to use a custom webform to collect details and then doa  filtered search on your users to find the designers that best suit the client needs. As most of the design work is being provided remotely, you might find that this provides mroe value to potential clients and could lead to higher service charges on your platform. If you wanted to facilitate the process through a custom CRM or PM software system, you could increase the service charge and control more of the client experience. This would also enable you to manage SLAs and ensure the best service possible, especially in the early stages of your marketplace.

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