How do I build a training portal?


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We would like to build a training portal for our retailers and their employees. The training includes 5 video modules and will have questions related to the videos. We need to be able to track who has completed the training and would like to be able to generate a report at the end of each month with who has completed training.
Retailers must also be able to register their business and individual employees to access the training. We would like each employee to have password access once they have entered their businesses profile and would prefer their passwords to be sent via text rather than email.
Our website is a Shopify site. The platform must be easy for us to update and must be accessible for retailers from our Shopify site.
We do not believe that our training modules are sophisticated enough for us to need an off the shelf LMS – unless there is one that is quite simple that you could suggest. What should we do?


There are several options for being able to deliver this training. The first option would be to set up a Teachable school as it’s a simple LMS and has a generous free plan (especially when you’re offering free courses). By leaving your courses in “unpublished mode” you’ll be able to share the course only with the people who are sent the training link. Quizzes within the school can be set up using Typeform.

As a super simple, non-login solution, you could look to use only Typeform as the delivery of the training. You could set a password but doing a text-field workaround and would then use their embedded video feature to display an unlisted Youtube video. The participant could watch the 5 videos and could answer any quiz questions all in the same flow. Upon completion (assuming they entered their name and email on commencement), you would receive an email as confirmation of their completion. You could also download a csv file of the course participants.

To add either option to your Shopify website, you would add a navigation tab that redirects to the training. For the straight Typeform option, you could redirect back to your store upon completion of the training.

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