How do I create a closed, private service provider, member portal?


Further details of question

You are looking for someone to develop a website/web app that will have the following features:

1. Closed membership access platform consisting of members and service providers.
2. Members to be able to view services providers when accessing the backend/locked content and view their offered services/profiles
3. The ability for the members to order services from these service providers. No payment involved only order submission.
4. Confidential feedback submission on service providers by the members
5. Analytics in terms of audit trail to be able to view various statistics on the orders made through the system

There will be a front-end open public facing website (we will design) and the above is to be accessible for member-only access upon login.
The platform is going to be managed by a single entity so any service providers will be added by us and any order requests will be going to us. The only variable is the member accounts.


The solution that you choose will depend on your future development needs but some additional areas of research could be:

  • Building a non-transactional peer to peer marketplace using Sharetribe. This would allow you to quickly build the closed membership platform, have members list their services, products & profiles, have members order services from each other and monitor the conversations between users.
  • Build a marketplace using a custom workspace within Podio. Using this software, you’d be creating a model where service providers in the marketplace fill in a webform for their profiles and their services whilst new members can view the profiles and contact the members through webforms. This is more of DIY marketplace set-up without the marketplace scalability that would come from using a hosted marketplace solution.
  • Build a closed membership website using WordPress (through one-click install) or Weebly and a tool like Memberful or Moonclerk to create member-protected pages where members can create the listings of their services. Themes that would work for a service-based marketplace include the Freelancer Marketplace theme, and the Microjob theme (for selling gigs & tasks)
  • Use a directory software to allow members to join privately and purchase services within the marketplace. An excellent option for quickly creating a self-hosted online directory is Brilliant Directories. Use their service provider theme to create a mini marketplace/website/app for your providers.

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