How do I create a membership-based website with online quiz content?


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I’d like to setup a website on WordPress but am unsure how to do it myself. The website will have multiple quizzes and members will have to pay to access these, there will be a new one added 3/4 times a year. Members will be able to sign up for a free quiz, but will have to pay to access the full quiz (most current). They will also have the option of paying for a yearly membership (full access to all quizzes, past, current and future for one year). There will also be the option of buying bulk memberships at a discounted price which I will be able to customise pricing for based on enquiry. The website must be very user friendly and easy to access.

Types of product to purchase:
– Current test
– Year access to all tests
– Enterprise/Group membership for 5+ memberships

I should be able to enter the questions myself, create multiple choice questions and answers.



I’d recommend that you build a closed membership website using WordPress (through one-click install) or Weebly and a tool like Memberful to create member-protected pages where members can access their quizzes. There are plenty of WordPress membership themes that would suit your quiz website and you could have the quizzes set up using a beautiful online quiz creator like Typeform.

By using a WordPress membership gateway to your content with Memberful, you’ll be able to sell different access plans so different people can access different content when they’re logged in. Payments can be once-off, monthly, yearly etc.

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