How do I develop a web-based notes system for chiropractors and other health professionals?


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How can I build a web based system for health care note taking for primarily chiropractors and other complimentary health care practitioners.

Things we would need:
– Secure separate log in systems for different databases (so different clinics can use this system without seeing the other person’s database)
– When using the system, we will need to input text, upload files/images, check boxes, generate reports and receipts, have drop down boxes
– Security features. This will have patient’s medical notes, so privacy and security is extremely important.
– We want this to be reasonably customisable, so that different users can change things according to how they practice. For example changing case history forms, exam forms or templates.


This would be a good use for Podio (use this link to trial it for free). You could have each clinic having their own workspace and each user having their own login.

By creating custom health apps, you’ll be able to adjust the fields to best suit your needs and have practitioners upload patient documents and link them to the patient master record.

Podio boasts bank-grade security and have the customisation that your clinic will need for this project.

You may also want to consider using Typeform for your patient intake forms and this information could be piped into Podio and linked to the client record. If a signature is required, you could also look at document signature software.

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