How do I integrate Thinkific into my WordPress website?


Further details of question: I’d like to know how to integrate our free online course onto our WordPress website.

We need:

  • a landing page for the free course
  • to link my custom domain/subdomain DNS to your school
  • make the Thinkific page resemble our website design (we have a style guide)
  • include a BONUS at the final lessons to upgrade to the premium/paid course
  • set an automation email inviting users to join the premium paid course as soon as they finish the free one OR at ”X” number of days after they’ve enrolled in the free course.

How do I do all this?

Answer: There are a few ways to make your WordPress to Thinkific connection as seamless as possible. One way would be to use a Woocommerce theme that allows for external/affiliate links. You could then add the product and future products on your site with links across to your free and paid course.

To link your custom domain or subdomain, you can follow the Thinkific instructions and add a few lines of information to your hosting account. Using a subdomain (i.e. ) is the most common option and allows you to keep a consistent domain across your main site and your course website.

As for making your Thinkific website look like your main business WordPress website, you will have some limitations around the framework and styling but you will be able to add your logo and set up your course website colours according to your style guide.

For your bonus lecture, similar to what Udemy allows, you could include a Thinkific coupon code to incentivise people to sign up to the premium course. You could potentially even include a course preview video in the bonus section. I’d also look to mention the coupon code near the start of your free course to ensure that people who may not complete your whole course are still able to skip forward to the offer.

For the automation email, you could set this up through Zapier or could connect Mailchimp to your Thinkific account and use Mailchimp automations to trigger the upgrade email after a set number of days.

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