How do I plan out my sales appointments to avoid traffic?


Looking for an easy way to plan out your sales meetings for the week and avoid traffic?

One system we set up was using a combination of a route planning app and a appointment calendar app (in this case, Acuity Scheduling) to cut down on the time that sales staff were spending in traffic.

The premise of the workflow was to have two days in the week where customers could book appointments during work hours (and have some buffer for early appointments and later appointments on one of the days). Clients would book these appointments online, choose a sales staff member who was available and would receive a confirmation email when the appointment was confirmed. The client would also receive an email reminder on the day of the appointment.

For the other two days (excluding one non-appointment day), the appointments for each sales staff member were scheduled for them by support staff based on the quickest route between existing customers. Using an app, the support staff could upload the client list, categorise according to colour and then call the clients to book appointments. An added bonus was that once the sales staff were on the road, if an appointment cancelled or went shorter than they expected, they could check the app to see if there was a client nearby that they could visit.

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