How do I set up a Docusign workflow automation from WordPress?


Further details of question

I really need to to merge fields from WordPress data capture to an e-sign app that emails a signable document.

A workflow solution I’ve considered is:

Step 1) Web visitor inputs data into a WordPress page which is integrated with a form tool
(Google Forms, Gravity Forms, TypeForms or Contact Form 7 etc)

Step 2) Data is pulled from the WordPress form app and certain fields are merged to the e-sign web app (DocuSign / Hellosign etc) template document.

Step 3) the Merged E-sign document is emailed to the applicant and can the be signed via usual e-sign method (type name etc).

What are my options?


You’re definitely on the right track with using form software like Typeform to send data to your esignature app. The main considerations are around having a pre-configured template that is autocompleted with the details from the form (using Zapier) and having the email address from the Typeform be passed through to the part of your software that emails the client their form to complete.

I’d also suggest looking at the signing flow to see if you need this extra complexity as sometimes you can use particular signing software to create a default link that you can share with all clients. It’s not as personal in the way it needs to ask for details rather than having them autocompleted but it does mean you can reuse the “signing template / workflow” with multiple clients quite easily.

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