How do I save time when scheduling employees and contractors?


For anyone who has tried to manual schedule staff, you know the headache I can cause when staff want to change shifts, take time-off and you’re not sure who is swapping shift with who.

My suggestion for you when you’re scheduling on-site employees or off-site contractors, is to check out the When I Work app. You set up staff in order of experience and expertise in the business and can schedule staff according to the hours they want and the times they want to work. When a staff member wants to change shifts, they can offer their shift as an open shift and other employees can respond to a text and take the shift.

Other great scheduling features include the ability to optimise your staff costs based on hourly wages, the ability for staff to “clock-in” using their mobile phones when in a specific geo-location + the ability to use their wages feature to calculate wages. Love the app and the design, worth checking out.

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