How We Work


💼 What We Do – We help good businesses amplify their customer experience & automate their workflow. We plan & implement high ROI strategies for progressive teams.

🎁 What We Offer – Business Process Design, Service Design, Workflow Improvements, Project Management, Business Coaching & Software Advice.

🤔 What We’ve Done – Built over 450 marketplaces, websites (using WordPress, Weebly, Wix & Squarespace), directories, social networks. Registered over 1,500 domain names. Sold over 12m of products & services. Taught over 28,000 students.


Our job is to streamline business processes

And we understand that you don’t really have time for this.
​You’re swamped with work and the last thing you want to do is break the machine that’s been working for you… but you’re interested enough to wonder if you’re trading too many hours, spending too much money or ignoring the parts of your service that customers loathe.

Why change?


The business that couldn’t scale

Every day we work with businesses that started small and found a way to bring to market a service that adds value to people’s lives. A pain reliever instead of a vitamin. And the business grew. They started with Gmail, a few Excel spreadsheets and a modest social media following. They may have added a CRM and some specialist software that everyone else in their industry uses. And it works… but they can’t see how it would work with double the clients or triple the traffic or if they needed to hire a new staff member.

​They might not know it but they’re resisting growth in their business because they can’t see how their business could handle it.


Laying a new foundation

The first thing we do is take a look at your current business workflow. What is the customer experience from start to finish? What software do you use? How long does the process take? Who is involved? What is working well? What is the story you want to tell the client and how do you break up the chapters?

From here, we prepare a proposal with options for how we can help you streamline your workflow and wow your clients. We keep an eye on costs, software design, training needs and scalability. We want you to have a system that will handle your future growth.

Finally, we work side-by-side with you to set up the systems, communicate the processes, create short training videos and ensure a smooth transfer from your existing systems and processes… and the best thing?

We guarantee a better workflow or the whole process is free.


Recent Client Feedback

Marketplace Owner
Basically. He rocks! Catered to all my needs, spent lots of time creating EXACTLY what I needed, spent time even before booking him answering questions. No generic comments or email replies back to my initial inquiry. Will definitely use him in the future for more website-y stuff!

Insurance Adviser
Easiest automation expert we have come across so far, thanks for making it easy and challenging the status quo!

Business Coach
Rich is a true pro and made the transaction smooth and fast. Very respectful and willing to meet his client’s needs and wants. His feedback is right on point. A real pleasure doing business with him. Most definitely will do it again.

Ecommerce Store
Quick, efficient, friendly.

Recruitment Agency Owner
Rich is efficient & professional. Not only does he do the work requested, but in a respectful way, he also provides feedback on how to do things better. On time, every time. Use him. I already signed up for another year.

Investment Portfolio Company
Rich is awesome – very responsive and understanding of the work being done.

Day Spa Owner
My website went up without a hitch and was done so professional and it looks stunning. All my clients are raving about it.
Thank you Generous Work!

Training Company
Rich continues to be reliable, completing all work to specifications and on time. His communications are A+.

Restaurant Chain – Intranet
Rich again delivered as per the project requirements, within expected timeframes and provided additional support and advice.

Private Hospital Owner
Very efficient and great service. I do look forward to working with Generous Work over the next 6 months.



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