I hate email marketing but want to publish a free newsletter


I feel your pain on this one. Although it’s become so much easier to create and send out email newsletters using tools like Mailchimp, Mailmunch, Convertkit and Drip, it’s still quite fiddly to look through all the specs, work out the pricing (do I pay per list or per subscriber?) and then look at the best way to integrate the email sign-up form into your site. Do you use a pop-up after 5 seconds, a static sign-up box, a pop-up that triggers when someone leaves the site or do you go all in and have custom chat pop-ups per pages (thanks Intercom)…

So many options and for those who are so overwhelmed with email marketing that they do nothing, take a minute to check out the free TinyLetter app. It’s lightweight, quick to set up and the design is lovely. I’d recommend that you add it as a link from your current WordPress blog (linking to the email newsletter sign up page) and write on a regular basis of once per month to get started. Once you hit 3 months, see if you’d like to go fortnightly then perhaps weekly. If you’ve got enough content to deliver weekly value to customers, you’ve come a long way towards sorting out your email marketing. Next step might be to power-up and change your email software but, for now, start slow, find your written voice and high-five yourself for getting going!

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