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I need a custom CRM web app and database


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We currently manage large customer and prospect lists in multiple Google Sheets and Excel. We want to migrate this into a cloud database.

We do not current have a database setup, so we will need to create one based on an example customer list and handle migration of our lists into the database.

We will need a web user interface to perform create/read/update/delete operations on these contacts, as well as query them by such things as address and business type.

The solution should be cloud based so that we don’t need to have our own servers, preferably in Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.


There are quite a few options for you in migrating your Google Sheets and Excel sheets into an online database program.

I’d recommend that you look at Airtable, Coda, Podio and Trello.

For your multi-faceted search of the database, business categories & quick import of .csv or .xls files, you’ll find Podio a useful solution.

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