I need a database created for field inspections


Further details of question

I was originally looking for a developer to create a Microsoft Access Data Base to record site records for field inspections but wanted to know if any apps could do the below.

Each Field Site item with have:

  • Location description
  • Location details
  • Provide for linking to site maps
  • Allow for 100 sites

Each site item will have:

  • A drop down Description
  • A drop down Condition
  • A date of inspection
  • GPS Location
  • Allow for 20 items per site
  • Provide for linking to photographic records
  • Provide for linking to documents
  • Provide site and item work history
  • Provide for history of person making amendments or adding data
  • Provide for record printing. i.e. summary site report


I’d recommend you look into using either an online database tool or use a project management tool that includes an app that can record GPS location data, images and additional notes. You could also look into integrating What3Words for easy to remember location details.

Get in touch with one of our Business Systems Consultants to discuss apps that can be used to streamline your field inspections and auto-create Word & PDF reports from the field inspection data.

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