I need a meeting room booking calendar


Having a meeting room booking calendar for your team will ensure that you can easily book your conference room and not have the hassle of overlapping bookings or not knowing whether a room is available.

You have a few options for setting this up:

  • Creating a shared Google Calendar may be an option but you’ll need to careful around the sharing options as you’ll either need to make your calendar public (meaning it may appear in Google searches) or you’ll have to individually share with each user.
  • Skedda offers a free conference room booking system, although you’ll need to pay to have the meetings pushed to your external calendar
  • Yarooms offers a paid meeting room booking app that can sync with Outlook
  • Robin offers a beautiful conference room reservation software system that includes room displays and the ability to book desks
  • Teem offers conference room displays (iPad or Android tablets) and conference room scheduling whilst including maps and meeting extensions

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