I need a Typeform / Intake Form Expert – Complex form architecture, funnel optimization & connecting to CRM


Question: Our team uses a very complex Typeform and we heard that you were an intake form expert, someone who can streamline a funnel. We also heard that you’re a business solutions architect who can help us streamline it.

Where we are at in the process:
– We use Typeform Professional and max out all of its capabilities (we use I believe every custom feature/capability).
– This is a live and deployed Typeform with daily uses that gets a lot of interaction daily.
– It has many, many properties that eventually become custom properties in our CRM.
– The Typeform uses hidden fields, including a version hidden field allowing us to have multiple versions in 1 typeform, threads together multiple typeforms ensuring data capture, etc.
– The Typeform uses complex logic trees that would take you some time to learn / be explained. Likely about a minimum of 1 hour to even understand it fully.
– We bolt our Typeform into our CRM
– Suffice it to say this will likely be one of the most complex Typeform/intake forms you’ve seen.

We’re hoping that you and your team have the following experience/skills:
– You’re experts in ideally all these things, but at the very least Typeform:
◦  Typeform or intake forms. You’ll have to have experience using at least the professional suite.
◦  funnel streamlining (typeform has great data on this)
◦  connecting them most effectively to a CRM.
◦  you have some experience with intake form architecture or systems architecture.
– you can communicate effectively in English (both in speaking and writing)
– You’ve built very complex intake forms for scale leveraging hidden fields, conditional logic, variables, etc.
– You would need to be able to think like an engineer – our typeform is complex and functionally is something that an engineer would need to study.
– You have a tinkerer’s mindset, are comfortable with experimentation to find the best answers through data.
– you’ve got some sense for users / consumer psychology / how people might think the way they do / what might be ambiguous or confuse a consumer and how that impacts an intake form and how questions are asked etc.
– Someone who can help us bolt this information into our CRM more efficiently/effectively.
– Someone who understands funnel analysis / conversion analysis. Typeform helps you see this data so this shouldn’t be hard to find – just they need to know how to act on it.
– ideally the person would be able to think for themselves based on prior experience w/ funnel analysis and have a business sense about them so they can execute on our goals.

Answer: The client asked for this to be answered privately. If you’ve got a similar question and need paid advice, get in touch.

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