I need an app for capturing voice recording from my website


This is a useful way of gathering instant feedback from website visitors and gives you the extra depth of insight from being able to hear the tone of voice used and understanding what’s not working for your website visitors. This type of voicemail/speech capture software for embedding on your website can also be used in conjunction with podcast recording apps like Anchor so you can record listener segments and then mix those segments together in your show. If you’re looking for an online voice recorder for your website, check out the list below.

The top options we found in our research are:

  • Speakpipe – looks like the market leader in this category. Has a dated design of their website but includes all the voice capture features that you’ll need. Pricing ranges between $8 per month to $45 per month. Most people will go for the $15 per month plan.
  • Voicestak – looks like a solid alternative to Speakpipe and has a nicer design on their website (apart from the autoplay video). Pricing is around $20 per month or $100 for the year.

We also checked out Voice Spice, Vocaroo and a few WordPress plugins for recording visitors audio messages but nothing seemed to meet the brief as much as the above options. Hopefully we’ll see more options in this space shortly.

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