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Question: I am looking for advice on setting up a simple sales order – form/catalog/landing page/B2B/B2C which enables wholesale and retail customers to easily place office stationary orders.  My client (sole owner of one store) is not allowed to have an E-commerce store, as he is part of a franchise group and hence bound to a specific area.  The fact that he is not allowed to have an online store and that his business customers are ordering via a chat app (WA) gave rise to this project.  The end product should:

(Essential functions)
1. Be accessed via a password or code, so that customers cant see each other’s products/prices
2. Contain images with quantity selectors next to them.  I do not want a cart – too cumbersome
3. Orders must be trackable and the order link must be shareable via any platform
4. Products must be easily added to the form via bulk upload.  This should include Images and
5. Email or any other reminders should be sent to everyone evolved
6. Different users should be able to manage the orders
7. Powered by names should be removable (White label option must be available)
8. Monthly software costs should not be too high

(Optional, but would be great to have)
1. Clients must be able to request a product which is not on the form or not in the store via an
image or voice note
2. Previous orders should be remembered and easily reordered if needed
3. Images are always a problem (to cut, resize etc.)

I’ve looked at a few software programs which have almost everything I required:

– Quicksel (catalog) – no white label option available
– Micatalog (no password login)
– Jotform (no bulk uploading of products)
– Typeform (no password login)
– Appsheet (to steep learning curve for me)

To summarize:  My client wants his customers to easily place orders with him, via their own tailored and secure catalog/form/page/portal and share the order via any channel.  His customers, must also be able to add products easily (that are not listed).  It must then be easy to administer the whole process and add additional products from the back office side.

Answer: The client asked for this to be answered privately. If you’ve got a similar question and need paid advice, get in touch.

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