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I need to develop an internal quoting tool for my staff


Further Details of Question

We are looking to develop an internal quote and followup system that is used in our main office plus external workers to produce quotes for our customers, and then provide followup prompts and tools for our salespeople.

The key features we are looking for are as follows:

1) A database of our products with images
2) Facility to add products simply, as we sometimes quote bespoke products.
3) A database of our customers, if possible linking via API to our CRM – Pipedrive
4) Production of PDF quote to send to the customer
5) Log the quote in a quote register for reporting purposes
6) Ask our salesperson when quote should be followed up, and keep log of this
7) Remind salesperson when quote is due to be followed up
8) Followup could be by email or text – by clicking button, email/text is then sent to customer
9) Or followup could be by phone call.
10) Next followup date is logged
11) Quote is marked as won or lost when customer has decided

We were thinking of building this system on Microsoft Access but this is not very suitable for use outside the main office.  We need an online system if possible within reasonable cost.


I’d recommend that you speak to one of our Business Systems experts regarding the best way to set up your quote process using proposal software with a content library and product catalogue. This software could be integrated with your Pipedrive CRM through either the email-in feature or via API using Zapier.

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