I’d like to start a membership subscription website with video content


We had a conversation to clarify some points but I’d recommend you consider:

  • Setting up an online school usingĀ Teachable. This could either be under your main domain name or you could have it set up as a sub-domain of your main website. Each course would have a fixed upfront or ongoing price and you could have all courses available in a bundle for an ongoing price.
  • You could set up your site usingĀ SubblyĀ for subscriptions.
  • You could build a website using the self-hosted version ofĀ WordPress, protecting the content using a service likeĀ MemberfulĀ so that only paid members can access certain pages.Ā Wordpress is great for building out sites and you could use Memberpress. You’d just need a good WordPress theme likeĀ VideotouchĀ or something similar. I’ve recommended Memberful as it’s super simple to use but I should also mention that you could make the site-building simple as well by using a website builder likeĀ CarrdĀ orĀ WeeblyĀ and then linking to a tool likeĀ PlassoĀ for the paid content.
  • The social network could be built usingĀ Mighty NetworksĀ and allows paid courses in their ongoing subscription package.

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