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I’m looking for software (as an alternative to Infusionsoft) that sends weekly reminder emails to prospects to send documents to me that are required in the mortgage application process.Β Β When prospects send the documents it will notify me.Β Β I have list of documents required, and I select the documents that are required from each prospect, and have sample list for various common situations.Β Β I would ideally like this to be done in software similar to Infusionsoft but is easier to use.

An example email would be:

Hi Bianca,
There are still some docs outstanding for your mortgage. Could you send over the docs in the list below at your earliest opportunity?
1. Drivers Licence (Borrower 1) – Drivers Licence (or other photo ID with date of birth)
2. Drivers Licence (Borrower 2) – Drivers Licence (or other photo ID with date of birth)
3. Recent Pay Stub – (Borrower 1) – Provide a copy of a recent pay stub
4. Recent Pay Stub – (Borrower 2) – Provide a copy of a recent pay stub
5. T4 (2017) – (Borrower 1) – Provide a copy of any and all 2017 T4s (T4, T4A, T4E, T4PS, T4RIF, T4RSP, etc.)
6. T4 (2017) – (Borrower 2) – Provide a copy of any and all 2017 T4s (T4, T4A, T4E, T4PS, T4RIF, T4RSP, etc.)
7. NOA (2016) – (B1) – Provide all pages from your 2016 Notice of Assessment.
8. NOA (2016) – (B2) – Provide all pages of your 2016 Notice of Assessment
9. Property Tax Bill – Provide a copy of your current Property Tax Bill
10. Mortgage Statement – Provide a copy of your most recent mortgage statement showing your name, address of property and mortgage number.
11. Child Tax Benefit Schedule – Provide all pages of Child Tax Benefit Schedule from CRA. Must show name (for ownership) as well as amount to be received.

REMINDER: This is an automated email from my document management system. All documents must be uploaded to your secure client portal accessible through this LINK.

For anything else mortgage related, feel free to give me a call.


Thanks for your question. For this scenario, we’d recommend you speak to a Business Systems Automation expert to discuss project management and business management software options that would allow for the automation of client messaging. There are a handful of software programs that allow for automated emails and some go even further and have automations to send follow-up emails if your client hasn’t uploaded the requested documents. Get in touch to discuss the best workflow to suit your business needs.

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