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For many industries, having an email archiving solution is mandatory and it can be hard to find a solution that meets the specific archiving needs of the business. The main considerations when choosing an email backup or archive for your business is the secure of the storage, the process to store, the cost of the solution, the format for retrieval and the structure of the database.

If you’re looking for a CRM-based archive system, you could look to bundle together Help Scout for email and their auto-BCC feature, having the emails sent to either Highrise or to Podio. You could also look to bundle together Pipedrive and your email as a way to backup your email to your CRM.

For a more robust solution for backup, there are plenty of software systems that will archive your email database in Outlook but one of the best we found was GFI Archiver as it does allow for you to have a copy of your emails sent to their service for archiving. Setting this up involves using a journalling inbox and then sending a copy of these emails to GFI as well as to your email client. It’s a little more technical but beats most other solutions available.

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