Insights from working with an events company


It was a joy working with such a professional, organised events company. Every process was mapped out with specific deliverables, notes, requirements and dependancies (geeky, I know).

What did they need from us? A little automation using project management software. Using one of our favourites, Podio, we worked on and proposed the following:

  • Custom Events Podio App – each event is entered into it’s own app and links to the client and venue of the event. Once an event is created, there are 11 tasks that are scheduled over a 40 day period using custom Podio workflows. These tasks are auto-assigned and then automatically marked off when completed to give an easy view of the visual progress.
  • RSVP Podio App – this is created to be sent to clients in order to collect RSVP’s for the event. A custom Podio webform is created and this is teamed up with a custom short-link domain to keep the process as on-brand as possible. RSVPs are collected and referenced to the client so you know which events a particular person has RSVP’d for.
  • Post Event Survey Podio App – created in a similar way to the RSVP app with a webform and short-link URL. Feedback is referenced back to the client and a report is created with the overall participant satisfaction from the event.

Are you looking to run your event with a little more structure and a little less cut and paste?

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