Item Check-In System


Question: I run a small business, helping weddings with their reception and people checking in jackets, bags and other personals.
I would like to develop a system in which the customer can hand over their belonging, the item will then become “Checked In” and receive back a unique ticket number, with the venue’s logo on it. They may then hand the uniquely numbered ticket back to the reception, and it will be “Checked Out”.
*Admin master log on to view all databases (Me)
*User log on to view their own databases
The system must also have:
1) The option to start a new Database for every event, or open an existing one.
2) Back up databases locally, and on the internet, and also have it so that it can view previous databases
3) View items that are not “Checked Out” in a “Lost Property” list.
4) Interchangeable logo to be printed on the receipts, based on the venue.

What software would you recommend and what would be the best process to follow in implementing this system?


Answer: What did we recommend?Β Get in contactΒ to discuss our answer and how it can apply to your business.

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