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I want to create a login portal on square space for a real estate developer for client regarding the concerns of their homes. We need to create a login page and management portal of clients who buy our condos. After they move in, we want them to be able to log in and post pictures and issued they notice with their property so we can address them. And to be able to update progress on this portal and for them to see it as well as communicate back and forth on this portal regarding the issues. Our website now uses SQUARE SPACE PLATFORM.


Answer: It sounds like the main things you need are a way for your clients to post photos of property issues and see the progress of their repair. With all portal designs, we’ll speak to clients and see the alternatives to creating a portal as our aim is building tools that are simple and scaleable. In this case, you could use a Pipedrive pipeline linked up to a webform on your website so that clients post their images but to allow for multiple images uploaded, you could also set up a Podio app with an integrated webform. Once the request has been received, you could email the client back and forth until the issue is resolved. By utilising a simple help desk app like Help Scout, you could scale your support and use FAQs within your emails to clients. If you were looking to set up a portal, you could use Client Portal or alternatively set up a type of customer support portal for receiving requests.

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