Looking for a custom CRM solution?


One of our most frequently-requested services is the creation of custom CRMs for businesses looking for an:

  • alternative to project management software as their workflows don’t fit a traditional sales cycle
  • alternative to task management software as they need additional data to be included in each task request
  • alternative to sales tracking pipelines as they have unique business needs
  • alternative to enterprise software as they need a better visual representation of their processes to inform key stakeholders​

What can a custom CRM provide?

By using hosted software to create a custom CRM, your business is able to:

  • Set permissions based on internal & external user roles
  • Reduce the use of email through better use of notifications and task filtering
  • Customise the display of business data to ensure common terminology is used in all business areas
  • Create a dynamic set of Standard Operating Procedures to keep your processes up-to-date
  • Track prospects, incoming leads and ongoing clients through their business lifecycle
  • Reduce the cost of running enterprise software
  • Provide a more visually-appealing way to manage projects & key business processes

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By Rich Peterson

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